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The project aims to provide ad-free patches to as many applications as possible. The team wants users to have an annoying-free experience.


This project contributors around the world always adjust the code to support the latest versions of Android applications.

Vanced Legacy

Continuing the Vanced legacy is not as easy as you imagine. The ReVanced Team is working hard to maintain the Vanced mark.


ReVanced Manager

ReVanced Manager is an Android tool app which allows users to modify supported Android apps easily. All you need to do is select available patches for your desired app and proceed. It supports non-rooted and rooted devices officially. You can build YouTube ReVanced and YT Music without putting much effort.

The manager comes with a friendly user interface to encourage everyone to build their own version of apps.

YouTubeReVanced YouTube

ReVanced YouTube is a modification of the Android YT client that offers SponsorBlock, RYD, Background Playback and an ads-free watching experience.

YouTube MusicRYT Music

RYT Music has great features that every audiophile ever wants. It offers Background Playback, No Audio Ads, No Video Ads, and Decent Quality Audio.


ReVanced Extended (RVX) is a complete fork of ReVanced. So, this one also is an open-source project that can be found here.

Extended started as fun or more like a personal project by inotia00 – the guy who maintained Vanced after EOL. Eventually, his project got traction because he found a way to add more features to the ReVanced YouTube app.

Currently, he is providing patches to a few apps as he is a lone wolf.

Well, we provide Extended versions of Apps in our ReVanced.to site. Those are clean and safe.


What is ReVanced YouTube?

ReVanced YouTube is an Android YT client that is popularly known for its ad-free experience and Background playback. It is one of the popular apps and helps to continue the Vanced YouTube legacy.

Is this project open-source?

Yes, you can find the sources on the GitHub.

What is ReVanced.to?

ReVanced.to is a safe APK distribution site run by a group of enthusiasts. So, you get precompiled YouTube ReVanced and other apps from us.

What is the official source of ReVanced?

You can find the official source code in the GitHub repository and also visit the ReVanced.app for more info.

Does ReVanced offer Magisk Modules?

Officially, No. However, you can find safe Magisk Modules on our site from unofficial members like j-hc and NoName-exe.

What is ReVanced Extended?

ReVanced Extended is a forked version of the official ReVanced project. It is maintained by inotia00.

How can I build ReVanced apps?

We recommend using ReVanced Manager for building apps, as it is maintained by the official team.

What is ReVanced MicroG?

ReVanced MicroG is made to provide Google Login to ReVanced YouTube and others. It is a forked version of the open-source MicroG project.

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