Frequently Asked Questions

Please make sure to read FAQ before asking questions that have been asked too many times. Thanks.

ReVanced.TO FAQs

What is ReVanced.TO?

A group of enthusiasts maintains ReVanced.TO to provide direct installable APK for YouTube ReVanced and other revanced apps. It is not affiliated with the official revanced team.

How do you build a magisk module?

We are not creating a magisk module. Instead, we just share the publicly available Magisk Module (General) by j-hc and Extended by NoName-exe.

How do you build APKs?

We are not compiling APKs. Instead, we share the publicly available safe APKs (General) by j-hc and Extended by NoName-exe.

How do you build an extended version?

We are just sharing NoName-exe build now.

Why ReVanced Crashing on my device?

Just disable battery optimisation for Vanced/ReVanced MicroG.

Did you build MicroG?

No. We have shared inotia00’s MicroG build. He is the developer of ReVanced Extended Patches.

How to donate Official ReVanced Team?

Now, the Official ReVanced Team is accepting donations from users. You can go to this Donation page to make a payment.

How can I donate to the ReVanced.TO team?

We don’t accept donations as we cover our expenses with Advertisements. So, please consider whitelisting our site in your Ad-blocker.

We accept donations as we don’t cover our expenses through ads. We hope you guys understand.

How to Solve Buffering Issue in ReVanced Extended?

Enable protobuf spoof – Settings >> ReVanced Extended >> Miscellaneous >> Enable protobuf spoof

How to Solve Buffering Issue in ReVanced YT (General)?

Go to Settings >> ReVanced >> Misc >> Enable Spoof app signature

How to get ReVanced TO Extended Version’s keystore?

Here is the Keystore we use to build the ReVanced Extended app. The same Keystore is being used to make NoName-exe builds.

Why did ReVanced.IO change the domain extension?

We changed the domain extension due to complaints that we received from the Official ReVanced Team. Kindly visit the update page to know more info.

Official ReVanced Team FAQs

What is ReVanced?

ReVanced is a modular patcher for apps such as YouTube. This project was born out of Vanced’s discontinuation, and our goal is to continue the legacy of what Vanced left.

How does ReVanced work?

ReVanced does not distribute any proprietary file but instead provides open-source patches. Patches can be created for any Android app. The ReVanced Manager will use the patcher as its core to apply patches of your choice on your desired app. On rooted devices, ReVanced can mount the patched app over the original application. On non-rooted devices, ReVanced will install it under a different package name.

Does ReVanced support non-root devices?

Yes! ReVanced supports non-root and rooted devices.

Does or will ReVanced have feature X?

ReVanced is an open-source project. At first, we are working on implementing all core features from Vanced. Afterwards, we will continue to implement your suggestions. Your contributions are also very welcome.

How can I help?

Since we are an open-source community and depend on outside help, you can always check out our GitHub repositories and contribute to us by creating an issue or pull request.

Will ReVanced always stay up to date with YouTube?

Unlike Vanced, our patcher can apply patches to any version of the app. This way, you can use patches on newer or older versions and are independent of us releasing a newer version. (Sometimes patches can break and will need updates. Check the documentation on what versions ReVanced is mainly targeting)

Will ReVanced support Music?

Yes. Patches have been created for YouTube Music and can be created for any other app. The MicroG patch is being worked on to allow ReVanced to work with YouTube Music.

Will ReVanced have NFTs?

We do not intend to create NFTs. It also was never the reason why Vanced shut down and wouldn’t be for us as well.

Does Vanced still work?

Vanced is currently fully functional and can be downloaded from mirrors.

Will MicroG stay up to date?

MicroG and Vanced MicroG are under development by their respective maintainer.

Is ReVanced affiliated with Vanced?

ReVanced is not affiliated with Vanced.

Can you support me?

If you have no idea how to use ReVanced yet, then do not use it yet. ReVanced is currently in development and directed toward developers. If you genuinely have a problem and need help for development purposes, please include the error you get, what caused it and your current environments, such as which files and versions you used in a new thread in #šŸ©¹ćƒ»support on Discord.


This is a collection of common errors and fixes.

No internet connection

Re-login into Vanced MicroG or reinstall it.

YouTube is crashing on startup after applying patches

Install Vanced MicroG if you do not mount.

Watch history isn’t being saved on YouTube

Whitelist in your ad-blocker.

The player UI on YouTube doesn’t go away.

This issue occurs randomly. Currently, the only fix is to restart the app.

The shorts button on YouTube is gone.

Go to Settings > ReVanced > Layout > Show shorts button.

ReVanced Manager is crashing/not working

ReVanced Manager is still work in progress. Before submitting an issue, make sure it is not a duplicate of an existing issue.

Google log in does not work on

Please use username/password to login.

Instagram crashes

This issue is caused by ReVanced Manager merging the integrations when not necessaryā€”tracking #712.

org.schabi.newpipe is not installed

Please install NewPipe here.

Where to get full apk files

You can get a full apk from mirroring sites such as APKMirror. In the example of YouTube, you would want to download the full apk from APKMirror here until ReVanced introduces support for apk bundles or split apk files.

Installation is blocked due to a conflict with an existing installation

This implies that you must remove the previous installation to solve the conflict.

SponsorBlock does not work.

The servers of SponsorBlock are likely having issues right now. Review the current status of SponsorBlock.