TikTok ReVanced

Get an ad-free experience, download videos without watermark and more.

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TikTok boasts of the strongest user base, where creators show off their skills to users who follow them for more of their addictive content. While this popular platform was designed for everyone, regardless of region, some users can’t access the service in their nation, while others desire various features to help enhance their experience. That’s how the TikTok ReVanced APK came to be. Today, we’ll look at everything entailing this application and how it can make your TikTok life much better.

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What is TikTok ReVanced?

The TikTok ReVanced APK is a modified version of TikTok that lets you bypass most restrictions and bans from any region and fully enjoy the platform’s contents. With the app, users are free to watch, download, create, and share videos without the many limitations present in the official version of the app.

The main highlight of our app is that it is totally ad-free.

App Details

NameTikTok ReVanced
Size251 MB
Last updatedNovember 05, 2023


You can enjoy several features by switching from the basic app to this modified version, including playback speed options, a seek bar for all your videos, hidden live streams and ads in your feeds, and bypassing any download restrictions, among others. This modified TikTok version isn’t available in the Play Store like the original, but you can download the latest version from the link provided below.


ReVanced TikTok build by j-hc

  • Removes download restrictions and changes the default path to download.
  • Removing ads, removing live streams.
  • Allows logging in with a Google account.
  • Spoofs the information which is retrieved from the sim card.
  • more patches


Playback Speed Options

You know those videos whereby the creator displays special content within milliseconds, and unless you’re fast enough to pause the clip at the right moment, you won’t get to see it?

Sometimes, a creator says something so fast that, unless you download and slow down the video offline, you won’t hear a word of such exclusive content.

TikTok never offered playback speed options before, but you can now slow down or speed up any video with the playback speed options in the TikTok ReVanced app.

Download Videos

There are videos on TikTok you cannot download. It’s true. Some videos don’t have the download option, forcing many users to bookmark them as a favourite so that they don’t lose it.

However, they still can’t watch the video when offline. Before I discovered TikTok ReVanced, I had to use an external or online downloader to save the video on my device using the original link.

While it might seem like an easy hack, repeating the process and switching between apps so that I could download multiple videos became a monotonous activity. However, the TikTok ReVanced application removes any download restrictions and lets you save the video directly onto your device.

Change Download Path

This app also lets you choose your download path. The original TikTok app only allows you to save videos to your device’s storage. If you have external storage or want to change the download path, TikTok ReVanced gives you the power and authority to do just that.

Seekbar for All Videos

Just because TikTok shows short videos doesn’t mean the entire duration of the clip will be entertaining. Sometimes, we can’t wait to get to the good part and seek the video duration by sliding it to the desired part of the clip. However, some videos on TikTok don’t have a seekbar, forcing you to endure an eternity of uninteresting content before reaching the punchline.

Sometimes, the entire content ends up being stale, but since you watched it completely, TikTok will add the creator’s algorithm to your feed, bringing you more videos of the same person. TikTok ReVanced adds a seekbar to all videos on the platform, letting you slide past any uninspiring content and reach the exciting part fast.

Remove Watermark

The TikTok watermark is the prime of every video on the platform. It’s the official brand proving that every video downloaded off the app belongs to TikTok. Reposting a video like your own would be tricky because all your viewers would know you got it from TikTok. The only solution would’ve been to use a professional video editor and carefully cut out the watermark without ruining any part of the video, but only experts could handle such a task successfully.

The TikTok ReVanced App comes with a setting that lets you remove all watermarks from the videos in your feed once activated. You can also turn the feature off if you still want to view your videos with the watermark for originality.

Remove Feed Ads

TikTok started introducing ads. Surprisingly, I expected such a move from this popular site after witnessing the transformation of YouTube from a content-based platform to a warzone for ads and sponsors. While you can simply slide past these 15-second video ads, seeing them after every three to five videos becomes a daunting sport and kills the fun out of your anticipation for the next content.

I get it; the platform also needs monetization, and ads are the best way to pull in an income, but that doesn’t make them any less annoying. With the TikTok ReVanced APK, you can activate the ad-blocker from the settings and remove all ads from your feed. Whenever you’re feeling a little lenient, you can always turn them back on and enjoy a few seconds of advertisements just for your amusement.

Hide Livestreams

Livestreams are another essential way through which content creators earn from TikTok and engage their followers. If you’re anything like me, though, you’d want to skip livestreams and go straight to the entertainment in the short videos. Everyone has their reasons for skipping livestreams while others prefer indulging in them with the hopes of getting a shoutout from a creator.

Whichever the case, it’s your choice to make. The TikTok ReVanced application lets you hide livestreams from your feed entirely, leaving you with the videos you enjoy most and new content you’re yet to discover. You can also opt to turn this feature off again and bring back the livestreams to your feed.

Final Words

Stop limiting yourself to the basic TikTok entertainment and open yourself up to new feature possibilities offered by TikTok ReVanced APK today. Download the app today and enjoy your streaming experience more than you’d hoped.